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I have done three days coaching with Olivier and I can honestly say that I am now confident to trade  on my own and have great success! In the coaching you will learn how they detect their trades and learn where to put entry levels, stop loss, take profits etc. The first two days we covered setting up the charting software, how and what indicators to use and then basic trade setups, moving into advanced trading strategies and money management. The last day involved reviewing all that I had learned and backtesting the system and also live trade setups. Olivier takes you through literally hundreds of examples in order to make sure you fully understand how the system works and how to implement it. After backtesting this system over multiple currency pairs I am a firm believer in the power it has to generate substantial profits! Olivier is a great guy who is easy to learn from because he enjoys his work and sharing his knowledge with others. Thanks mate I really appreciate the coaching!

Mike S. – New York

Let me put it simple: Olivier BECQUET is the BEST coach i ever met. He loves trading and willing to put extra effort in order for me to understand how things works in forex market. He explain me step by step how to use the exactly same system they using for managing multi million dollar accounts. Through his coaching he gave cutting edge market knowledge through. System is ruled based with clean entry and exit points plus strict money management and it is very easy to understand and implement. Now i know how to trade professionally  with the tools master traders use. Definitely recommend take courses from the Learn-Forex-Home.com. After coaching i know how to trade consistently and profitably . I just feel regret that i met Olivier this year and not 2-3 years ago. This would save me a lot of money and time. Thank you dear Olivier!

Wade F. – Sydney

If you are looking for a great and working forex strategy, do not hesitate, I have never seen anything like this anywhere.

Ezekiel C. – Hong Kong

I regret I met Olivier only now and not before. I spent hundreds of $$$ in methods that are not working. I’ve decided to reach another level of trading, and Olivier helped me for it. His coaching is not really cheap, but it definitely worth it. I’ve learned how to detect the best quality signals, where to place my entry level, stop loss and take profit. No place to hazard. No more Stress.

Curtis F. – Pretoria

You just can’t imagine how you helped me! It has no price! I can proudly say I can trade now, on Forex, Futures or Stocks markets! Thank you very much Olivier for bringing me up to a new level of trading.

John D. – Miami